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Cache Valley Morning Rotary

PO Box 6121 Logan, Utah 84341


Tuesday Morning(s) 7:30 AM
CVVA Building
1760 North 200 East
Logan, Utah
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Friday, April 24th


Last year we Rotarians and Friends were at work Arbor Day. Rotary Clubs from around the world identify a hands-on project in our local community that all members can participate in and help our valley. 

On Friday April 24, 2020CVM rotary members, neighbors and friends will serve together in Nibley at Fire Fly park. We will plant trees celebrating Arbor Day. Helping make our valley a better place to live. Your invited to join us in 2020. For more information:   Email us at:

Be A Part Of The Solution Join Rotary

We love welcoming new members!  Cache Valley Morning knows that more than half the hits on our website come from people looking for something they'd like to know more about.  Like many organizations throughout the United States, we are always looking to expand. 
Joining a Rotary Club, anywhere in the world, happens by Invitation.  In other words, you must be invited (sponsored) by someone who is already a member. But, how can we invite you if we don't even know who you are?  ... "Why don't we find people who are curious to learn more about what Rotary is all about, and encourage them to contact one of our club members so we could invite them to one of our Tuesday morning meetings at the Logan Regional Hospital as a guest.  Perhaps you will like the experience and we can move forward from there. It is a wonderful way for potential members to take a "closer look."   
You can "click this link" to learn a bit more about Rotary International... and how it helps build business relationships amongst members worldwide:   
We invite you to contact us at: or click the "Contact Us" link on right side tab on this Home Page. 

Christmas for the Kids CVM Rotary Project....
Tis the season for cold hands and noses, and warm hearts….

We had the opportunity to warm hearts and brighten spirits this Christmas Season. Our Rotary Christmas for Kids project helps with children that are very much in need.  The families are so appreciative for all this help. We hope to make Christmas a little better for over 190 children in our community.  (see below)

This project began December 2006 and has continued each year since.
This being the 14th year, December 2019.

8:00 AM Breakfast/Registration
10:00 AM Shot Gun


Be Part of the Solution!
Join with Cache Valley Morning 
Rotary Club's 10th Annual Fall Finish Golf Classic at the Logan Country Club.


What Can YOU Do?
Be A Sponsor

Provide Auction Items
Register A Team
Buy A Hole

The tournament is an event to have fun while helping supporting Youth Development, local charities and put an End Polio Now.
The past 9 years we have had great support for this fundraising event. As a participant and volunteer you will be a part of history; a "Part Of The Solution" and change the world together.

In 1979 Rotary International took the lead to vaccinate 6 million children in the Philippines. Later in 1985, the WHO and UNICEF joined with Rotary and since many other organizations and
governments have come aboard. So far this year there have been reported less than 3 cases of polio worldwide. Polio remains endemic in two countries, Afghanistan and Pakistan. More
good news continues with type 2 poliovirus officially declared eradicated worldwide.

We are very close, help us END IT NOW. We started at 1,000 cases a day and less than 49 cases last year.

The Power of One

by Ashish Ram


One song can spark a moment... One flower can wake the dream... One tree can start a forest... One bird can herald spring... 

One smile begins a friendship...One handclasp lifts a soul... One star can guide a ship at sea... One word can frame the goal


One vote can change a nation... One sunbeam lights a room... One candle wipes out darkness... One laugh will conquer doom 

One step must start each journey... One word must start each prayer... One hope will raise our spirits... One touch can show you care


One voice can speak with wisdom... One heart can know what's true 
One life can make the difference... You see, it's up to you!